Emperor Zanmoran

Real Name Zanmoran
Alias Emperor Zanmoran • The Emperor • King Dino Breath
Gender Male
Species Triceraton
Occupations Emperor of the Triceraton Empire
Supreme commander of the Triceraton Empire
Team Triceraton Empire
Allies Triceraton EmpireSpasmosaur
Enemies FugitoidNinja TurtlesApril O'NeilCasey JonesKraang Hive MindSalamandrian Air FleetZeno
Weapons Horns • Heart of Darkness (Temporarily)
Home Triceraton Homeworld (Formerly)
Triceraton Mother Ship
Hair Color None
Eye Color Green
First Appearance The Arena of Carnage
Last Appearance The Arena of Carnage
Voiced By Michael Ironside
Admiral Mozar, I want you to halt this execution.

—Zanmoran's first line, The Arena of Carnage

Zanmoran, aka Emperor Zanmoran, The Emperor, or Triceraton Emperor, is an enemy of the Ninja Turtles. Being the emperor and prime commander of the Triceraton Empire, he is an almighty Triceraton who is glorified and respected by his Triceraton underlings. Due to The Kraang destroying his homeworld long ago, he attempts to achieve his vengeance by using the same doomsday weapon, the Heart of Darkness, against his rivals. After the Triceraton Mother Ship was destroyed by Fugitoid and his Ulixes during his sacrifice to destroy the Heart of Darkness, him and his Triceraton underlings were killed in the process. He has a rivalry with Fugitoid, Kraang Hive Mind, Salamandrian Air Fleet, and Zeno. Zanmoran debuts in The Arena of Carnage.





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Zanramon And Fugitoid
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  • The name of Emperor Zanmoran is spelled and pronounced differently in this incarnation of the TMNT. In other media, the supreme commander of the Triceraton Empire is known as "Zanramon".