Vreen 01
A Vreen in their main mode.

Vreen 02
A Vreen in their battle mode.

Vreen 03
A Vreen inside of its egg.

Real Name Vreen
Alias Robugs • Vreen Guards • Children
Gender Genderless
Species Insectoids
Occupations Lord Vringath Dregg's Guards
Team Insectoids
Allies InsectoidsScorpinoidXaxx BeesArmaggonY'Gythgba (Formerly) • G'Thraka (Formerly) • K'Vathrak
Enemies Ninja TurtlesFugitoidApril O' NeilCasey JonesKaraiHiidralaDaagonsCthuggaSalamandrian Air FleetUtrom High CouncilEarth Protection Force
Weapons Laser Hand BlasterExtendable Tendril
Home Sectoid 1HornetronMaligna Ship
Height Unknown
Age Unknown
Hair Color None
Eye Color Green
First Appearance Beyond The Known Universe
Last Appearance When Worlds Collide Part Two
Vreen! Battle mode. Attack!

Lord Vringath Dregg commands his Vreen, Beyond The Known Universe

Vreen, aka Robugs or Children, are enemies of the Ninja Turtles. As a subspecies of the Insectoid alien race, they are humanoid insect-like aliens that inhabit the planet of Sectoid 1. As the servants of Lord Vringath Dregg, they aid their father and master in combat and alien invasions under the control of a hive mind. Once the Maligna Ship was destroyed in New York City with its power core overloading, every single one of these alien servants were killed alongside with their master and K'Vathrak. They wield a laser hand blaster and a extendable tendril on each one of their arms as their signature weapons of choice. Vreen debuts in Beyond The Known Universe.


There has not been much background information uncovered about this subspecies of Insectoids, rather than them originating from Sectoid 1 and being the "children" of Lord Dregg. But seems that the Vreen are artificially bred organisms as their bodies are combined with organic and mechanical elements. Since they are loyal to their father, they do not serve him outside of the hive mind they share with him.




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