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Vreen, aka Robugs, are enemies of the Ninja Turtles. As an alien species of Insectoids from Sectoid 1 that share a hive mind, they are loyal to their father and master, Lord Vringath Dregg. They serve Lord Dregg as his personal servants and his own army in combat. Vreen debuts in Beyond The Known Universe.


It is unknown where these alien creatures came from, but they have a singular hive mind that consists of only serving Lord Vringath Dregg. Originating from the Hornetron, the ship lays eggs. These eggs hatch very fast, in least than a few seconds. From these eggs, the alien creatures are born. They are known as the Vreen.

TV Show

Season 4

Beyond The Known Universe

Two Vreen are seen in Varanon behind Lord Vringath Dregg, as he is about to sell his Maraklovan Star Spice to a trio of Space Pirates. But afterwards, the Ninja Turtles, April O'Neil, and Casey Jones (who were being chased by a few aliens that were anger at them for what they did) run towards the Vreen's and Lord Dregg's direction. This causes the Turtles to fall on the Vreen's leader. After Dregg stands up, the Vreen flap their wings and stand tough behind their master. There they stand, until April, Casey, and Raphael made him drop his Maraklovan Star Spice, which lead it to break. With anger, Lord Vringath Dregg commands his two Vreen to active their battle modes. There, the duo fight against the teenagers. In the battle, the Vreen are killed by the Turtles, April, and Casey in front of Lord Dregg. When the Turtles, April, Casey, and Fugitoid escaped from Lord Dregg on the Ulixes, Dregg chases them into space with his Hornetron and unleashes Vreen eggs. In a few seconds, the eggs hatch and a squadron of Vreen are going towards the Ulixes. A few of the Vreen are destroyed by the Ulixes, but one a them manages to break into the ship. Once inside the Vreen enters to attack the gang, but is shortly killed by the gang.

The Cosmic Ocean

When breaking into the Daagon Kingdom and defeating a few of the Daagon Guards, Lord Vringath Dregg and a squadron of Vreen enter to support Armaggon. After Lord Dregg asked for the second piece of the Heart of Darkness, Hiidrala refuses to and asks for a fight. From there, Lord Dregg commands his Vreen to attack the Ninja Turtles, Casey Jones, April O'Neil, Fugitoid, Hiidrala, Daagon Captain, and a few Daagon Guards. After Dregg attempted to kill Hiidrala, she sends out a blood-curling shriek. Everyone stops fighting and Cthugga is summoned, who swallows Lord Vringath Dregg and Armaggon whole. Since they had no one to be commanded by, the Vreen run away from the fight. When the Hornetron came to Cthugga's cave in The Cosmic Ocean Of Varuna, the ship started to unleashed multiple Vreen eggs into its mouth. Afterwards, a swarm of Vreen are hatched and fly out of the beast's mouth, with Lord Vringath Dregg and Armaggon.

The Evil of Dregg

The Ever-Burning Fire

The Insecta Trifecta


They are tall Insectoids (taller than Lord Vringath Dregg, who is 7 feet tall) with slender bodies. They are aliens with green skin. They have a few purple streaks all over their body. In between of their body articulations, there are pink muscles that can be seen. They have four purple wings with green streaks, that are located on their backs. When they fly, their wings rotate like the wings of a Helicopter. In the middle of the four wings, they have a spike on their back. They also have small heads with big green eyes. They have thin antennas oh their heads. They also have a sideways mouth (like Baxter Fly), only that with no teeth. Their hips have sharp edges, just like their shoulders. On their chest, they have a V-shaped lime green core. On their left hands, they have a "hook" hand with little barbs. On their right hands, they have a blaster with two spikes on each side. Their feet have four toes (three in the front and one in the back) that are very small in size.


Powers, Abilities, and Weaponry



The Gallery of Vreen can be see Here.


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