Ulixes Profile

Name Ulixes
Type Of Vehicle Aerial
Owner Fugitoid
Weapons TBA
Background Information
First Appearance Annihilation: Earth! Part Two
Last Appearance Earth's Last Stand

Ulixes is a vehicle of Fugitoid. A vessel created by Fugitoid with dark matter, this ship is used to explore the universe. Ulixes debuts in Annihilation: Earth! Part Two.


At some point in his life, Fugitoid created a vessle. A very special vessle that was design only to explore, not for combat or speed. A vessle that had the ability to teleport and go through time. This vessle was known as the Ulixes.

TV Show

Season 3

Annihilation: Earth! Part Two

Season 4

Beyond The Known Universe

The Moons of Thalos 3

The Weird World Of Wyrm

The Outlaw Armaggon!

Riddle Of The Ancient Aeons

Journey to the Center of Mikey's Mind

The Arena of Carnage

The War for Dimension X

The Cosmic Ocean

Trans-Dimensional Turtles

Revenge of the Triceratons

The Evil of Dregg

The Ever-Burning Fire

Earth's Last Stand




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