Turtle Mech

Turtle Mech is a weapon of the Ninja Turtles. This is a gigantic, robotic suit that resembles a turtle, which can be operated by four people to fight off giant enemies such as Kraang Prime, Mega Shredder, and Dregg's Ship. Turtle Mech debuts in Plan 10.


After Raphael had switched his mind with the mind of a Kraang, he brought information to the Ninja Turtles about the Kraang Hive Mind plotting another Kraang Invasion in New York City. With this new information about The Kraang's next move, Donatello starts to design a gigantic, robotic suit which he wants to use during the invasion. After some time of engineering the machine, he tries to find a power source for it. Luckily when the Turtles went to Dimension X to rescue Leatherhead, Donnie gets his hands on a Kraang crystal from Dimension X to use as a power cell. Once the Kraang Invasion occurred, it was time for Donatello to use the Turtle Mech for the first time.


Powers,Abilities And Weapons

grapling hook: it has a grapling hook

flamethrower:it has a flamethrower on its mouth

electric harpoon : it has a electric harpoon on its hand

radioactive bombs: it can fire bobs from the upper side of it's shell

Used By


Season 2

Season 3

Season 5



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