Tokka 1 Profile

Real Name Tokka
Alias Terror
Gender Male & Female
Species Turtle Volcanthian
Occupations Mother & Father of Chompy Picasso
Team Ninja Turtles
Allies Ninja TurtlesFugitoidApril O' NeilCasey JonesChompy PicassoUtrom High Council
Enemies Triceraton EmpireLord Vringath DreggEarth Protection Force
Weapons Fire
Home Magdomar
Eye Color Red
First Appearance The Ever-Burning Fire
Last Appearance Tokka VS. The World

Tokka is an ally of the Ninja Turtles. As a giant, alien fire-breathing kaiju-like turtle, he/ she is one of the six cosmic monsters, who lives in the lava planet, Magdomar. He/ she was also the one who was the guardian of the third piece of the Heart of Darkness, as well as the parent of Chompy Picasso. Tokka debuts in The Ever-Burning Fire.


TV Show

Season 4

The Ever-Burning Fire

Tokka was the guardian of the planet Magdomar, and due to its power was chosen by the Utroms to guard one of the fragments of the Heart of Darkness. It encountered the Turtles when they arrived on Magdomar in search of the generator piece, and came under attack from Mozar's Triceratons. It later pursued Lord Vringath Dregg into space after he escaped with the generator piece, only to be caught in an explosion triggered by the Triceratons.

Tokka VS. The World

Tokka was later shown to have survived the explosion, and return to Magdomar only to find it's offspring Chompy Picasso gone, the small reptilian having been adopted by Raphael. Enraged, Tokka makes its way to Earth, where it goes on a rampage and is challenged by the Earth Protection Force and Bishop. However, after seeing how Chompy has bonded with the Turtles, Tokka is appeased and departs to return home.



Powers, Abilities, and Weaponry




Season 4


Tokka Spitting Lava
The Gallery of Tokka can be see Here.


  • It is a classic TMNT character.
    • Unlike his other incarnations, this incarnation is a giant alien turtle instead of a mutant snapping turtle from The Foot Clan.
    • Another difference about this incarnation is that Tokka is not a male, but a male and female.
    • Another difference about this Tokka is that he/ she is an ally of the Ninja Turtles and not an enemy.
  • Tokka is the guard of the third and final piece of the Heart of Darkness.
  • The design that was used on Tokka is very similar to the design that was used for Gamera and a Kaiju from Pacific Rim.