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The Rat King is an enemy of the Ninja Turtles. Formerly a scientist known as Dr. Victor Falco, he is a blind mutant who can only see through the eyes of rats, due to a fire and Mutagen getting on him. With his new psychic powers of controlling and communicating with rats, especially Splinter. The Rat King debuts in I, Monster.


Dr. Victor Falco was inside his lab, trying to getting the psychic powers that was given to him with the Mutagen. Falco was planning on getting his powers back to get revenge from the Ninja Turtles. Meanwhile in the lab, two rats were chewing on an electrical cord and caused a fire. The fire makes the Mutagen explode on Dr. Falco. With his newly gained powers, he communicated with the rats to help him. Then he mutated into The Rat King.

TV Show

Season 1

I, Monster

Season 2

Of Rats and Men

Mazes & Mutants

The Wrath of Tiger Claw

Season 4

Darkest Plight



Powers, Abilities, and Weaponry




Season 1

Season 2

Season 4


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The Gallery of The Rat King can be see Here.


  • Rat King was the first mutant to name himself and not being named by Michelangelo.
    • The second one was Slash.
      • But Michelangelo was only angry at Rat King for naming himself. As for Slash, he didn't seem to care much.
  • In I, Monster, it was seen that Michelangelo was bothered by the fact that The Rat King named himself and started to make new names for him. But afterwards, Mikey gives up and states that he will name the next mutant.
  • Like all of the incarnations of The Rat King, he has wraps that covers all around his body
  • The Rat King has a black cloak and a black brim hat.
    • His black clothing might represent the Bubonic Plague (Black Death).
    • This can also be a reference to the Plague Doctor outfit that was used.
  • In Of Rats and Men, The Rat King was thrown from a cliff by Splinter when he was blind.
  • The Rat King has a white rat assistant named Aristotle, who is seen most of the time on Rat King's shoulder.
  • One of the nicknames that Michelangelo made for Rat King was Verminator, which is a reference to a character from the Archie comics named Verminator X.
  • In Mazes & Mutants, the design used on the skeletons are very similar in appearance with The Rat King.

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