The Newtralizer
Real Name K’Vathrak
Alias The Newtralizer
Gender Male
Species Salamandrian
Occupations Bounty Hunter
Team Insectoids (Recurring)
Allies Lord Vringath DreggSlash (Formerly) • Vreen
Enemies Ninja TurtlesKirby O'NeilApril O'NeilCasey JonesSlashKaraiUtrom High CouncilKraang Hive MindEarth Protection ForceSalamandrian Air FleetSal CommanderMona Lisa
Weapons DaggerDetonator AxesShoulder Mount Missile LauncherLaser GauntletsTail Axe Blades (see below)
Home Salamandria (Formerly)
Dimension X (Currently)
Height 10'
Age Unknown
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Yellow
First Appearance Operation: Break Out
Last Appearance When Worlds Collide Part Two
Voiced By Danny Trejo

K’Vathrak, aka The Newtralizer, is an enemy of the Ninja Turtles. He is a psychotic, fire-bellied newt-like Salamandrian equipped with an arsenal of highly-technological weapons and an armor, who's main purpose is to eradicate both The Kraang and Utroms from Dimension X, to later on become a big threat to both alien species. After he was liberated accidentally from a Detention Center by Donatello, who was rescuing Kirby O'Neil at the same time, he escapes to proceed with his plans on bringing annihilation to the Kraang Hive Mind and Utrom High Council. The psycho newt forms an alliance with Slash, a mutant who was once the pet turtle of Raphael, which leads to the duo to work together to finish off the Kraang Hive Mind. That was until Slash quits working with him (due to him not wanting to hurt innocent humans from New York City) and is later on betrayed by his partner to work with the Turtles once again. During his last encounter with the Turtles, both the Kraang Walker and his teleportation device were damaged in the process, leading him to gain electrokinetic powers of his own. But once his electric powers caused a chain reaction with the power core of Dregg's Ship, the ship was destroyed and caused the death of both himself and Lord Vringath Dregg. K'Vathrak debuts in Operation: Break Out.





Powers, Abilities, and Weaponry

Dagger:he has a laser Dagger for meelee combat.

Detonator Axes: he has axes that explode.

Shoulder Mount Missile Launcher : he has a Missile Launcher that fires missiles.

Laser Gauntlets: he has gauntles that shoot lasers.

tail axe blades : he has axes on the tail.

Electric powers: after the events in newtraized he had electric powers such as:

electric spears: he can fire lightning spears.

electric ball: he can fire a ball made out of electricity.




Season 1

Season 2

Season 4

Season 5


TMNT 2012 Newtralizer-2-
The Gallery of The Newtralizer can be see Here.


  • The Newtralizer is a parody of The Punisher, a vigilante and anti-hero from Marvel Comics.
  • The design of The Newtralizer is based off on the fire-bellied newt.
  • He is the first character that was nicknamed by Donatello, but also the second character that was not nicknamed by Michelangelo.
  • His nickname is a play on words between "newt" and "neutralizer".
  • In San Diego Comic Con 2015, it was officially announced by the producers that The Newtralizer belongs to an alien species known as the Salamandrians.
    • This explains why Shredder referred to him as an alien when The Kraang informed him about an incident with him.
    • This also explains why Raphael referred to him as an alien when he was giving Casey Jones a little background information on The Newtralizer.
  • The death of K'Vathrak in When Worlds Collide Part Two parallels to the death of Palpatine from Star Wars in Return of the Jedi.

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