The Kraang

The Kraang 01
The Kraang as an Utrom.

The Kraang 02
The Kraang inside a silver Kraangdroid.

The Kraang 03
The Kraang inside a blue Kraangdroid.

The Kraang 04
The Kraang inside a Norman suit.

The Kraang 05
The Kraang inside a Kraang Flyer.

The Kraang 06
The Kraang inside a Biotroid suit.

Real Name The Kraang
Alias Kraang • Norman Kraangenhoffer • The Mutators
Gender Male
Species Utroms
Occupations Loyal subjects of Kraang Prime
Team Kraang Hive Mind
Allies Kraang Hive MindKraang PrimeKraang SubPrimeThe Foot ClanThe ShredderTraagGranitorRock SoldiersMom-ThingSnake (Formerly) • Dr. Victor Falco (Formerly)
Enemies Utrom High CouncilTriceraton EmpireThe Hamato ClanHamato YoshiNinja TurtlesApril O' NeilCasey JonesKaraiMighty MutanimalsJack J. KurtzmanParasiticasSquirrelanoidsSalamandrian Air FleetSal CommanderMona LisaThe NewtralizerKirby O' NeilMrs. O'NeilSnakeweedSpider BytezJustinSpy-RoachTiger ClawAlopex
Weapons Kraang Laser BlastersKraang Laser PistolsKraang Electric Batons (see below)
Home Dimension X
Height 30 cm
Age Unknown
Hair Color None
Eye Color Red with green/ yellow eyeballs
First Appearance Rise of the Turtles Part One
Last Appearance Lone Rat and Cubs
Voiced By Nolan North
Yes. I acknowledged of that. The Turtles must be eliminated from all places.

—The Kraang vowing to eliminate the Ninja Turtles, Rise of the Turtles Part Two

The Kraang, aka Kraang, are enemies of the Ninja Turtles. Formerly known as the Utroms, a peaceful alien species of brain-like alien that lived in Dimension X, they were soon corrupted by Kraang Prime and his psychic powers as they joined the Kraang Hive Mind. As these aliens started to dominate most of Dimension X and started to invaded other planets, even mutating them with the Mutagen sacred from the Kraathatrogons. For some time, the Kraang Hive Mind had also discovered Earth and created the first humans with their Mutagen, as they were planning to mutate this planet next. As the leading cause of the mutations of Hamato Yoshi and the Ninja Turtles, they were also responsible for April O'Neil gaining her psychic powers through experiments. They've came to Earth to perfect the Mutagen on Earth, so that they could finally invade Earth and conquer the planet to transform it into their new Dimension X. Due to failed attempts to invade Earth and the Triceraton Empire defeating them, this lead to the Utrom High Council reclaiming their dominance over Dimension X. They wield Laser Blasters, Laser Pistols, Mutagen, and Electric Batons as their signature weapons of choices. The Kraang debuts in Rise of the Turtles Part One.


For nexons, the Utroms were a species of brain-like aliens that lived in Dimension X, who each had different personalities. But then one day, Kraang (An Utrom scientist loyal to the Utrom High Council) discovered a substance known as the Mutagen, which originated from the Kraathatrogons. But after using it on himself to test it out, he mutated into a giant mutant Utrom and renamed himself Kraang Prime. With his mutation, he had gained psychic powers. With these new psychic powers of his, he was able to control a few of his former Utrom friends to a hive mind of his known as the Kraang Hive Mind. The corrupted Utroms became known as The Kraang.




Powers, Abilities, and Weaponry

  • Kraang Laser Blasters
  • Kraang Electric Batons
  • Kraangdroids
  • Kraang Flyers
  • Biotroid
  • Mutagen
  • Mutagen Bomb
  • Mutagen Blaster
  • Normal TMNT2 25 0959.jpeg Kraang Walker
  • Kraang Spider Gunner
  • Kraang Scout Ship
  • Kraang Power Cell
  • Metalhead (Temporarily)
  • Roadkill Rodneys
  • Kraang Neuro Switcher
  • Kraang Mind Control Device
  • Kraang Dimensional Portal
  • Kraang Portable Portals
  • Irma-Bots
  • Mrs. Campbell
  • Dracodroid
  • Kraang Laser Cannon
  • Kraang Death Guards
  • Kraang Spider Walker
  • Kraang Communication Orb
  • Heart of Darkness (Temporarily)




Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5


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The Gallery of The Kraang can be see Here.


  • The Kraang sometimes exclaim "Exterminate! Exterminate!", which is a nod to the Daleks from Doctor Who, who in their base alien forms actually share some traits with the Kraang race such as tentacles and a brain-like appearance.
  • In this series, The Kraang are featured as a fraction of the Utrom alien race that became corrupted thanks to the hive mind they share with Kraang Prime.

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