The Foot Clan

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Alias Foot Clan • The Foot • Shredder's empire
Origins Tokyo, Japan (Formerly)
New York City (Currently)
Founder Koga Takuza
Leader The Shredder/ Super Shredder/ Undead Shredder (Formerly)
Takeshi/ Tiger Claw (Currently)
Members Hattori TatsuXever Montes/ FishfaceChris Bradford/ RahzarBaxter Stockman/ Baxter FlyTakeshi/ Tiger ClawAnton Zeck/ BebopIvan Steranko/ RocksteadyKraang Hive MindFoot SoldiersFoot BotsElite Foot BotsFoot CultistsKavaxas
Headquarters Shredder's Hideout (Formerly)
Shredder's Mansion (Formerly)
Underground Shredder Shrine
Status Functional
First Appearance Rise of the Turtles Part Two

The Foot Clan is a Japanese ninja clan from Tokyo, Japan that is lead by Shredder/ Super Shredder. The ninja clan has an ancient rivalry with The Hamato Clan and are in New York City trying to fight off the remaining members of The Hamato Clan. The Foot Clan debuts in Rise of the Turtles Part Two.


Koga Takuza was a ninja warrior who created a ninja clan in Tokyo, Japan. This clan has been on for centuries, having a deadly rivalry with The Hamato Clan. This clan became known as The Foot Clan.

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