Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 TV Series), is a TV Series that is aired in Nickelodeon. This series is part of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. This series was aired on September 28, 2012.


List of Episodes

Season One

  1. Rise of the Turtles Part One (Rise of the Turtles)
  2. Rise of the Turtles Part Two (Rise of the Turtles)
  3. Turtle Temper
  4. New Friend, Old Enemy
  5. I Think His Name is Baxter Stockman
  6. Metalhead (Episode)
  7. Monkey Brains
  8. Never Say Xever
  9. The Gauntlet
  10. Panic in the Sewers
  11. M.O.U.S.E.R.S Attack!
  12. It Came From the Depths
  13. I, Monster
  14. New Girl in Town
  15. The Alien Agenda
  16. The Pulverizer
  17. TCRI
  18. Cockroach Terminator
  19. Baxter's Gambit
  20. Enemy of my Enemy
  21. Karai's Vendetta
  22. The Pulverizer Returns!
  23. Parasitica
  24. Operation: Break Out
  25. Showdown Part One (Showdown)
  26. Showdown Part Two (Showdown)

Season Two

  1. The Mutation Situation
  2. Invasion of the Squirrelanoids
  3. Follow the Leader
  4. Mutagen Man Unleashed
  5. Mikey Gets Shellacne
  6. Target: April O'Neil
  7. Slash and Destroy
  8. The Good, the Bad, and Casey Jones
  9. The Kraang Conspiracy
  10. Fungus Humungous (Episode)
  11. Metalhead Rewired
  12. Of Rats and Men
  13. Wormquake! Part One (Wormquake!)
  14. Wormquake! Part Two (Wormquake)
  15. Mazes & Mutants
  16. The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman
  17. Newtralized!
  18. Pizza Face (Episode)
  19. The Wrath of Tiger Claw
  20. The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto
  21. Plan 10
  22. Vengeance is Mine
  23. A Chinatown Ghost Story
  24. Into Dimension X
  25. The Invasion Part One (The Invasion)
  26. The Invasion Part Two (The Invasion)

Season Three

  1. Within the Woods
  2. A Foot Too Big
  3. Buried Secrets
  4. The Croaking
  5. In Dreams
  6. Race with the Demon
  7. Eyes of the Chimera
  8. Vision Quest
  9. Return to New York
  10. Serpent Hunt
  11. The Pig and the Rhino
  12. Battle for New York Part One (Battle for New York)
  13. Battle for New York Part Two (Battle for New York)
  14. Casey Jones VS. The Underworld
  15. The Noxious Avenger
  16. Clash of the Mutanimals
  17. Meet Mondo Gecko
  18. The Deadly Venom
  19. Turtles In Time
  20. Tale Of The Yokai
  21. Attack Of The Mega Shredder!
  22. The Creeping Doom
  23. The Fourfold Trap
  24. Dinosaur Seen in Sewers!
  25. Annihilation: Earth! Part One (Annihilation: Earth!)
  26. Annihilation: Earth! Part Two (Annihilation: Earth!)

Season 4

  1. Beyond The Known Universe
  2. The Moons of Thalos 3

Season 5


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