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Super Mutagen is a weapon of Shredder. This green substance is an upgraded version of the Mutagen that was created by The Kraang for The Foot, which would be used by Shredder to create his own mutant army. Super Mutagen debuts in TMNT: Danger of the Ooze.


How it Mutates

When the Super Mutagen comes in contact with someone or something, it can cause the subject to go through a genetic alteration to turn into a mutant. The Super Mutagen can cause a mutation if it comes in contact with a subject by being consumed, injected, or skin contact. A thing about the Super Mutagen that is different from the Mutagen is that its properties are off the scale and is much more unstable. Another thing is that it can mutate the organics and non-organics differently.

Characters that were Mutated



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