Super Mutagen
Name Super Mutagen
Type Of Weapon Mutagenic substance
Owner The Foot Clan
Background Information
First Appearance City at War
Last Appearance Owari

Super Mutagen is a weapon of The Foot Clan. This is an upgraded version of the Mutagen that was created by Baxter Fly for Shredder to mutate into Super Shredder. Super Mutagen debuts in City at War.


After Shredder became badly hurt by Splinter in their last fight and The Foot Clan fled to Shredder's Mansion, Shredder had to be taken care of while he recovered. Baxter Fly became in charge of taking care of his master and also became in charge of creating an upgraded Mutagen for Shredder to become a mutant. Contained in a Mutagen Drip as Baxter Fly slowly altered it, Shredder slowly mutated. That was until he grew impatient and forced Baxter Fly to give him everything, causing him to mutate into Super Shredder. But since the mutation was unstable and the Mutagen was not ready, Super Shredder was taken care of Baxter Fly for a longer while. The Foot would gather a lot of Mutagen for their master, which was then fully stabilized by Baxter Fly. This stabilized Mutagen became known as the Super Mutagen.


How it Mutates

When the Super Mutagen comes in contact with someone or something, it can cause the subject to go through a genetic alteration to turn into a mutant. The Super Mutagen can cause a mutation if it comes in contact with a subject by being consumed, injected, or skin contact. A thing about the Super Mutagen that is different from the Mutagen is that it is supposed to make the mutation stable and make the mutant feel natural with this new form that it gains. Another thing about the Super Mutagen is that it can make an organism regain its strength by enhancing it, as well as enhancing other things from the organism. Also, the mutant will have immunity to feelings and become much more ruthless and heartless. The Super Mutagen can even make the mutant immune to the Retro-Mutagen.

Characters that were Mutated


Season 4



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