Steel Claws (Super Shredder)

Steel Claws (Super Shredder)

Name Steel Claws (Super Shredder)
Other Names Metallic Bone Claws
Type Of Weapon Organic Tekkō-kagi
Origins New York City
Abilities Organic Tekkō-kagi that retract through knuckles
Wielder(s) Super Shredder
First Appearance The Insecta Trifecta
Last Appearance Owari

Steel Claws (Super Shredder) are ninja weapons wielded by Super Shredder. These are a pair of claws that are made out of metallic bone blades, that emerge from the knuckles of Super Shredder (which were gained after his mutation), which are the signature weapons of choice of Super Shredder. Steel Claws (Super Shredder) debuts in The Insecta Trifecta.


After The Shredder was badly injured by Splinter in their last confrontation, The Foot Clan fled from New York City to Shredder's Mansion. During the time that Shredder was recuperating, Baxter Fly started to inject a prototype of the Super Mutagen into his master's body through a Mutagen Drip. As Oroku Saki was recovering, there was a war taking place between Karai and The Foot, which was affecting The Foot economically. After Baxter Fly tried to help out The Foot Clan with their money supply, which he fails to do miserably and reports to his master. The Shredder, who lacked interest in Stockman's failure, points out that the Super Mutagen was finally taking affect. He demonstrates him by sprouting metallic bone blades from his arm. Most notably, a pair of steel claws that sprouted through his knuckles.



Season 4



  • Super Shredder gains these claws through his mutation. These steel claws are very similar to the Tekkō-kagi that the previous Shredder incarnations would wield.
  • The ability of sprouting the claws through the knuckles of Super Shredder brings a resemblance to both Wolverine and X-23 from Marvel Comics, due to them having a similar ability of sprouting metallic bone claws.
  • After Super Shredder's mutation was stabilized, he gained the ability to shoot out his steel claws from his hands like projectiles, just like the Kunai blades.