Squirrelanoid (2014 Action Figure)
Character Squirrelanoids
Weapons Fangs, Long Tongue
Team Kraang
Released 2014
Toyline TBA

Squirrelanoid (2014 Action Figure) is an action figure of the character, the Squirrelanoids. This figure looks like the mutants from the series. The figure can stick out his tongue and also has other things. This is a cool toy that has some dry painting. This figure was released in 2014.


With their long tongues and fangs, these giant mutated squirrels put up quite a fight. Quick and agile, they move quickly around the Turtles, climbing up walls and hanging off pipes in the sewers. By mutating and reproducing, using any host they can find, they continue to grow in number. This ever-growing pack of Squirrelanoids soon becomes a deadly challenge for the Turtles!

  • Weapons: Fangs, Long Tongue
  • Team: Kraang


  • None


  • Retractible Tongue
  • Swivel Neck
  • Swivel Hinge Shoulders
  • Swivel Upper Body
  • Swivel Tail


  • Looks exactly like in the series.
  • This is a new one from Season 2.
  • It is said that he is part of the Kraang's team.
  • The mouth cannot open and close.
  • There is dry painting in this toy.
  • Some parts are not painted.
  • Some parts can be taken off and on.
  • Stands up well.
  • If you put the tongus far back, it will get stuck and it can be lose if you make it lose.
  • Some parts are soft plastic.