Spy Kraangdroid

Kraang SubPrime Profile 1

Name Spy Kraangdroid
Weapons TBA
User Kraang SubPrime
Background Information
First Appearance Mutagen Man Unleashed
Last Appearance TBA

Spy Kraangdroid is a disguise of The Kraang. This is a Kraangdroid that can transform into Irma Langinstein and into a mode that reveals Kraang SubPrime and its weapons. Spy Kraangdroid debuts in Mutagen Man Unleashed.


Nexons ago, Rook (an Utrom who is a member of the Utrom High Council) built this suit. But then when the corrupted Knight decided to steal her idea, he did so. Afterwards, Kraang SubPrime used this suit as part of the Kraang Hive Mind. Not only that, but he modified the suit to have the ability to transform. This was known as the Spy Kraangdroid.

TV Show

Season 1

M.O.U.S.E.R.S Attack!

Season 2

Mutagen Man Unleashed

The Good, the Bad, and Casey Jones

Of Rats and Men

Pizza Face (Episode)

A Chinatown Ghost Story

The Invasion Part One

Season 3

Battle for New York Part One

Battle for New York Part Two

Season 4

The War for Dimension X




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