Splinter's Cane

TMNT 2012 Splinter's Cane

Name Splinter's Cane
Other Names Cane • Staff
Type Of Weapon Customized Staff • Rope Weapon • Sword
Origins Japan
Abilities Customized staff with sword & Kusari-fundo
Wielder(s) Splinter
First Appearance Rise of the Turtles Part One
Last Appearance Owari

Splinter's Cane is a ninja weapon that is wielded by Splinter. This is a green-crystallized walking stick that hides a swords and a Kusari-fundo, which is the signature weapon of choice of Splinter. Splinter's Cane debuts in Rise of the Turtles Part One.






  • It has been speculated by fans that the staff is made out of crystallized Mutagen. But this fact has never been confirmed.
  • This is an object that most incarnations of Splinter wield. The only difference here is that this incarnation establishes the staff with a sword and a Kusari-fundo.
  • Is possible that the sword that the cane hides within is a Shikomizue (the signature weapon of Karai), due to their similar appearances.

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