Spider Bytez

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Spider Bytez is an enemy of the Ninja Turtles. Formerly a human named Vic, but was mutated by the Mutagen into a mutant spider during a fight between the Turtles and The Kraang. Now as a giant spider, he hides in the streets of New York City and blames his mutation on the Ninja Turtles. He has a rivalry with Raphael. Spider Bytez debuts in Turtle Temper.


Vic was kidnapped by The Kraang because of him recording them and the Ninja Turtles with his phone. But when Leonardo, Donatello, and Michelangelo failed to rescue him, The Kraang got alerted by Vic's exclaims. As the mutants and the aliens fought, Vic was after his phone. Almost getting his phone, a spider touched him. Then one of the Kraang blasters broke a Mutagen container. The Mutagen spilled all over Vic, mutating him into a mutant spider known as Spider Bytez.

TV Show

Season 1

Turtle Temper

Season 2

Metalhead Rewired

Season 3

Meet Mondo Gecko



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  • He seems to have Mutagen on his claws and the points of his spider legs.
  • He bears a strong resemblance to Octohead from Clayfighters, as well as Man-Spider from the 1994 Spider-Man cartoon. 
  • It is unknown if he is terrible at science, due to the fact that he calls the Ninja Turtles "Kung fu frogs" instead of calling them what they really are.
  • He blamed his mutation on the Ninja Turtles.
  • He is the second evil mutant that the Ninja Turtles fought.
  • Spider Bytez was named Spider Bytez, because he is a spider and he bites, like almost all spiders do.
  • Playmates Toys released an action figure of Spider Bytez.
  • He has confused Raphael's Sai with salad tongs.
    • It is unknown why he confuses the Sais with salad tongs if both of these objects have nothing in common.
  • In Metalhead Rewired, he was controlled by The Kraang with the Kraang Mind Control Device, along with the rest of the captured mutants.
  • In Meet Mondo Gecko, he was seen as one of the viewers of the race between Casey Jones, Mondo Gecko, Fishface, and Michelangelo.