Speed Demon



Speed Demon is an enemy of the Ninja Turtles. Formerly a normal muscle car, this is a sentient demonic car mutated by Mutagen (which was the same Mutagen that Rasputin The Mad Frog had) that was in the road, which was ran over by the driver. He runs on Mutagenic Fuel and drives at high speed to provoke accidents in the road, and also needs a host so that he can make it his driver, which were Man in Speed Demon and Donatello. Speed Demon debuts in Race with the Demon!.


In a fight between the Ninja Turtles and Punk Frogs, Rasputin The Mad Frog was attacked at some point. This caused the Mutagen jar he had to fall from the fortress. Afterwards the next day, a driver was driving his muscle car in the road. There in the road, the scatter Mutagen jar was laying the floor. But when the car passed on top of it, it causes the car to become a mutant sentient being known as Speed Demon.

TV Show

Season 3

The Croaking

Race with the Demon

Eyes of the Chimera



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