Sir Malachi is an ally of the Ninja Turtles. He is a mutant sparrow that is dressed up like some type of wizard. Sir Malachi is voiced by Paul Reubens. Sir Malachi debuts in Mazes and Mutants.


Sir Malachi was once a human boy named Martin Milton. Martin was a big fan of LARP and of the board game, Mazes and Mutants. He would play that everyday. But then one night when he was outside of his house and was feeding the sparrows outside of his house, a Mutagen canister from the Kraang Scout Ship, fell on him. Then he mutated into a mutant sparrow and renamed himself, Sir Malachi.

TV Show

Season 2



  • Sir Malachi is the second mutant to be a bird in the series.
  • Him and Pete have some differences and similarities.
    • Him and Pete are mutant birds.
    • They came in contact with the Mutagen.
    • Sir Malachi was a human before his mutation, while Pete started out as a normal pigeon.
    • Sir Malachi mutated when Mutagen fell on him, while Pete was mutated by The Kraang.
    • Sir Malachi is a mutant sparrow, while Pete is a mutant pigeon.
  • He is a big fan of the board game, Mazes and Mutants.
  • The board game that the Ninja Turtles, once belonged to Sir Malachi.
  • Before his mutation, Sir Malachi was a human named Martin Milton.
  • Sir Malachi is the first mutant to have magical powers.
  • As revealed by him, the reason he trapped the Turtles in his maze was because he wanted to play with them.
  • It is unknown what happened to him after the Kraang Invasion.