Name Shuko
Other Names Tegaki • Hand Hooks
Type Of Weapon Shuko
Origins Japan
Abilities Hand guards utilized for climbing steep surfaces
Wielder(s) LeonardoRaphaelDonatelloMichelangeloKaraiHamato Yoshi
First Appearance Rise of the Turtles Part Two
Last Appearance The Power Inside Her

Shuko are common ninja weapons that are wielded by the Ninja Turtles, Hamato Yoshi, and Karai. These are hand guards with three spikes (located at the palm area of these guards), which are used by ninjas in order to climb steep surfaces such as walls. Shuko debuts in Rise of the Turtles Part Two.




Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4



  • Like usual, Donatello was the one who provided the Ninja Turtles with these tools by building replicas of them. It might be due to the fact that him and his brothers are mutant turtles and their hands are much more bigger compared to a human's hands.

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