Shinigami With Hat Profile

Shinigami Without Hat Profile

Shinigami Cat

Real Name Shinigami
Alias Shini
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupations Second-in-Command of The Foot Clan (Karai)
Team The Foot Clan (Karai)Mighty Mutanimals
Allies Ninja TurtlesSplinterApril O'NeilCasey JonesKaraiMighty Mutanimals1987 Turtles
Enemies The Foot ClanHattori Tatsu1987 Foot Clan
Weapons Hypno StoneCrescent BladesKusurigama (Shinigami)Claw Gloves
Home Tokyo, Japan (Formerly)
New York City (Currently)
Height 5'7
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Light Brown and gold
First Appearance City at War
Voiced By Gwendoline Yeo
My name is Shinigami. Do you know what my name means?

—Shinigami to the Ninja Turtles and April O'Neil, City at War

Shinigami is an ally of the Ninja Turtles. As a Kunoichi and mystic witch from Tokyo, Japan, she is an old childhood friend of Karai who was recruited by her to become a part of her Foot Clan. She is trying to help Karai, the Turtles, and April fight Shredder and The Foot Clan in New York City, and uses her Kusurigama as her signature weapon in combat. She is the love interest of Michelangelo. Shinigami debuts in City at War.


TV Show

Season 4

City at War

Broken Foot

The Super Shredder



Season 5

The Forgotten Swordsman

The Foot Walks Again

The Big Blowout



Powers, Abilities, and Weaponry

  • Enhanced Agility
  • Hypno Stone
  • Kusurigama
  • Crescent Blades
  • Claw Gloves
  • Enhanced Agility: Due to being a Kunoichi and due to her body, Shinigami can perform very quick moves in combat.
  • Ninjutsu: She was trained by an unknown person at an unknown age to become a Kunoichi in Tokyo, Japan. With this martial art, she uses her skills in combat.
  • Hypno Stone: This is a hypnotic stone that was passed down by her family. With this stone she uses her hypnotic powers to hypnotize her opponents. It also has the ability to even create illusions that can terrify her opponent.
  • Kusurigama: This is a Kusurigama that she carries around as one of her signature weapons. The Kusurigama is a combination between the Hypno Stone (acting as a weight) and one of her Crescent Blades (as the blade).
  • Crescent Blades: She carries these in combat to fight her opponents. These crescent shaped blades are used like bangles that can split and can be flopped.
  • Claw Gloves: These are a pair of black gloves that she wears as part of her outfit. These gloves have retractable 2 inches long metal claws.
  • Shape-Shifting: She seems to have the ability to shape-shift from a human to a black cat.




Season 4

Season 5



  • Shinigami (死神) is Japanese for "God of Death"
  • As shown in Broken Foot, Shinigami has a PSP gaming system which she plays with in her spare time.
  • Her weapon, which is the Hypno Stone, is an ancient gem that has been passed down her family for an eternity.
  • She is the second love interest of Michelangelo.

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