Retro-Mutagen Profile

Retro-Mutagen aka Retro Mutagen or RetroMutagen, is a weapon of the Ninja Turtles. This is an orange substance that was created by Donatello, which serves as a cure for the effects of the Mutagen. Retro-Mutagen debuts in The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman.


After the mutation of Kirby O'Neil into Kirby Bat occurred, Donatello became determined to create Retro-Mutagen to cure his mutation and also to cure other mutants. After months of attempting to create Retro-Mutagen out of the Mutagen, Donatello had failed until the time came that the Ninja Turtles discovered that April O'Neil was half human and half Kraang. After this discovery, Donnie figured that April might have an immunity to the Mutagen, which made him use some of April's DNA to create the cure. Until many days of working in his laboratory, Donatello had finally created Retro-Mutagen.

TV Show

Season 2

Season 3

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Season 5

How it Retro-Mutates

When the Retro Mutagen comes in contact with a mutant organism, it can reverse the effects of the Mutagen. With the effects of the Mutagen being reversed, the mutant will be transformed back into its previous form. It can retro-mutate any mutant if it consumed, injected, or skin contact.

Characters that were Retro-Mutated

  • Kirby Bat: He was once a mutant bat, but was retro-mutated into a human named Kirby O'Neil.
  • Human Kraang Hybrids: They were all mutant human/ Kraang hybrids, but they were retro-mutated into humans.
  • Karai Serpent: He was once a mutant human/ serpent hybrid, but was retro-mutated into a human named Karai.
  • Creepweed: He was once a super mutant human/earth/plant hybrid, but was retro-mutated into a pile of plant goop.
  • Baxter Fly: He was once a mutant human/ housefly hybrid, but was retro-mutated into a human named Baxter Stockman.




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