Raph's Room
Raph's Bedroom is a location in the Turtle's Lair. This is the bedroom of Raphael. Raph's Bedroom debuts in Slash and Destroy.


TV Show

Season Two

Season Three



Raph's room contains:

  • action movie posters (some in Japanese)
  • bed (with tiger sheets)
  • boom box (resting on cinder blocks)
  • "Charred Walls" drum set
  • Choco-Log clock
  • comic books
  • dice-themed lamp stand
  • engine (of some kind)
  • hat (like those worn with trenchcoats in the 1987 TV series)
  • hat stand
  • Jack-O-Lantern lamp
  • "Kaput" bug spray cans (he is extremely afraid of cockroaches)
  • metal exercise bar
  • Modern Ninja magazines
  • no-left-turn sign
  • patterned rug
  • photograph of Leonardo, Donatello and Michelangelo (later scratched by Slash)
  • photograph of Spike
  • pizza boxes (on the floor)
  • plug strips (two on the floor)
  • rocket launcher (from Enemy of My Enemy)
  • skateboard
  • Spike's bed on a box labeled "fragile"
  • stop signs (on both sides of the door, each with "Stank" written on them in black ink)
  • weapons locker (with sai and originally Slash's morning star)


  • Raphael has a drum set in his room.
  • This is where Spike mutated himself into Slash.
  • It first appeared in the Season 2 episode "Slash and Destroy".
  • The location of Raphael's bedroom door was inconsistently portrayed in Slash and Destroy. When Michelangelo summoned Raph out of his room to help clean up the mess in the living room, Raph was seen coming out of the right front bedroom. While Spike was mutating in Raph's bedroom, the camera ominously zoomed in on the right-hand-side bedroom doors. But when Raph went back to his room, he entered the left front bedroom.
  • It is shown in the season 4 episode "Broken Foot", that Raph's bedroom is the first door on the left.

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