Pigeon Pete

Pigeon Pete 02
Pigeon Pete as a Mutant Pigeon with a helmet.

Pigeon Pete 01
Pigeon Pete as a Mutant Pigeon without a helmet.

Real Name Pete
Alias Pigeon Pete • Pete The Pigeon • Pete The Pigeon Man
Gender Male
Species Pigeon (Formerly)
Mutant Pigeon (Currently)
Occupations Kirby O'Neil's Messenger (Formerly)
Spy of the Mighty Mutanimals (Formerly)
Team Mighty Mutanimals (Formerly)
Allies Ninja TurtlesKirby O' NeilApril O' NeilCasey JonesSplinterMighty MutanimalsJack J. KurtzmanMuckmanJoe EyeballShinigamiIce Cream KittyDr. Cluckingsworth M.D.Chompy Picasso
Enemies Kraang Hive MindThe Foot ClanTriceraton Empire
Weapons Sharp Talons • Beak
Home New York City
Height Unknown
Age Unknown
Hair Color None
Eye Color Red & Yellow
First Appearance The Gauntlet
Last Appearance Owari
Voiced By A.J Buckley

Pete, aka Pigeon Pete or Pete the Pigeon, is an ally of the Ninja Turtles. He is a mutant pigeon who was experimented on by The Kraang with the Mutagen in New York City. Once, he was sent down by Kirby O'Neil from the Kraang prison to send April O'Neil a message from him. Some time afterwards during the Kraang Invasion, he was recruited by Jack J. Kurtzman to become a member of the Mighty Mutanimals. Even though he was pretty much a weak ally in combat, he was a part of the team until he mysteriously left the Mutanimals. He has a rivalry with Raphael. Pigeon Pete debuts in The Gauntlet.


At an unknown point, as The Kraang were in New York City trying to perfect their Mutagen, they started to experiment with the ooze on specimens that they collected around the city. One of these specimens was a normal pigeon. But after being exposed to the Mutagen, the pigeon was mutated into a humanoid version of itself. With the mutant now in the hands of the Kraang Hive Mind, it was held captive with Kirby O'Neil in the same cell. Kirby, who was kidnapped by The Kraang, befriended the mutant and he was later on named Pete.




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  • Some time in between Earth's Last Stand and Mutant Gangland, Pete left the Might Mutanimals. The reason is unclear, but Slash did state that they "don't talk about Pigeon Pete anymore". From there, Mondo Gecko took over Pete's place as a member of the Mutanimals.