Pawn Profile

Species Utrom
Occupations Member of the Utrom High Council
Team Utrom High Council
Allies Ninja TurtlesFugitoidApril O' NeilCasey JonesKaraiSal CommanderMona Lisa
Enemies Kraang Hive MindThe NewtralizerLord Vringath DreggVreen
Home Dimension X
Eye Color Blue
First Appearance The War for Dimension X
Last Appearance TBA

Pawn is an ally of the Ninja Turtles. He is a member of the Utrom High Council who is a French Utrom who wears an Utromdroid with a mustache to move. Pawn debuts in The War for Dimension X.


TV Show

Season 4

The War for Dimension X



The Utrom High Council Has Come To A Decision
The Gallery of Pawn can be see Here.


  • He is named after the chess piece, Pawn.
  • Unlike Rook and Queen, he wears an Utromdroid.
    • But what is special about this Utromdroid is that it has a mustache on its face.
  • When ever he becomes shocked, his suit starts to malfunction most of the time.

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