Mystic Leonardo

Mystic Leonardo With Hood Profile

Mystic Leonardo Without Hood Profile

Name Mystic Leonardo
Weapons Katanas
Bow and Arrow
Background Information
First Appearance Vision Quest
Last Appearance TBA

Mystic Leonardo is one of the disguises of Leonardo. This disguise represents his elemental Kanji, the "Wind". Mystic Leonardo debuts in Vision Quest.


TV Show

Season 3

Vision Quest

Attack Of The Mega Shredder!

Season 4

Journey to the Center of Mikey's Mind



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The Gallery of Mystic Leonardo can be see Here.


  • Leonardo's Kanji is Fu or "Wind".
  • The full phrase is "Be swift as the wind".
  • The spirit that Leonardo fought was Shredder.
  • Mystic Leonardo's costume is a reference to the Ghost of the Jungle outfit from the 2007 TMNT Movie and the cloak that Leonardo wears during hunting in Mirage comics Vol.1 Issue 11.
  • In Attack Of The Mega Shredder!, Leonardo wore the Mystic Leonardo diguise again.

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