Mutagen Collar is an object of The Foot Clan. It is a metallic collar with Mutagen containers around it. Mutagen Collar debuts in Mikey Gets Shellacne.


Inside Baxter Stockman's Lab, Dogpound and Baxter Stockman were inside when Fishface came. He asks why he hasn't taken Stockman to Karai, which Dogpound replies that he will until Baxter cures him from his mutation. Lying to the two mutants that he will cure them, Dogpound placed a collar around his neck. But this collar contained Mutagen, making it the Mutagen Collar.

TV Show

Season 2

Mikey Gets Shellacne

Wormquake! Part One

Wormquake! Part Two

The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman




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