Mutagen Collar

Mutagen Collar

Name Mutagen Collar
Type Of Weapon Explosive Mutagen-based collar
Origins New York City
Abilities Detonate Mutagen containers to mutate the user of the collar.
Wielder(s) The ShredderDogpoundFishface
First Appearance Mikey Gets Shellacne
Last Appearance The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman

Mutagen Collar is a weapon wielded by The Shredder, Dogpound, and Fishface. It is an explosive, metallic collar with Mutagen containers strapped around it, which was used on Baxter Stockman in order for him to not betray The Foot Clan once again. Mutagen Collar debuts in Mikey Gets Shellacne.


Inside Baxter Stockman's Lab, Dogpound, Fishface, and Baxter Stockman were discussing on Stockman creating a Retro-Mutagen for their mutations. Baxter, who wanted to buy some time and stay alive, lied to the mutant duo to make them believe that he would help them in a cure. Thanks to Stockman's agreement to cooperate in "curing" them, Bradford puts on collar on Stockman with Mutagen containers around it. This collar, which was made by The Foot Clan, would be detonated on Stockman if he betrayed The Shredder once again.



Season 2