Mutagen Bomb

Mutagen Bomb

Name Mutagen Bomb
Type Of Weapon Mutagen based bomb
Owner The Kraang
Background Information
First Appearance The Gauntlet
Last Appearance Carmageddon!

Mutagen Bomb is a weapon of The Kraang. This is a gigantic bomb that was plotted on top of Wolf Hotel that was going to explode all over New York City to mutate the humans with the Mutagen that was contained within. Mutagen Bomb debuts in The Gauntlet.


Not much is known about the background of the Mutagen Bomb, but it is known that at some point The Kraang built this weapon either in New York City or if it was created and brought from Dimension X. The purpose of this bomb was so that The Kraang could mutate the city with the Mutagen when it was to set off on the rooftop of Wolf Hotel.



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