Real Name Garson Grunge
Alias Muckman
Gender Male
Species Mutant Human/Garbage Hybrid
Occupations Muscles of the Mighty MutanimalsNew York's Monster Hero
Team Ninja TurtlesMighty Mutanimals
Allies Joe EyeballBebop (Formerly) • Rocksteady (Formerly) • Ninja TurtlesApril O' NeilCasey JonesSplinterMighty Mutanimals
Enemies The Foot ClanTriceraton EmpirePurple Dragons1987 Foot Clan
Home New York City
Age 38
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red (Left (Joe Eyeball))
Black (Right)
First Appearance The Noxious Avenger
Voiced By Grant Monninger

Muckman, aka Garson Grunge or The Noxious Avenger, is an ally of the Ninja Turtles. As the former garbage man of New York City, Garson Grunge, he is a mutant made out of garbage and has a mutant eyeball named Joe Eyeball. He is New York's Monster Hero and the muscles of the Mighty Mutanimals. Muckman debuts in The Noxious Avenger.


Inside an abandoned Kraang Lab, Bebop and Rocksteady were fighting the Ninja Turtles when the duo were searching for Reagent-X for Shredder and Baxter Fly. In the alley next to the building, a garbageman named Garson Grunge was cleaning up the place. Then when Bebop managed to throw a canister of Mutagen at Michelangelo, he tucked in his head and then the canister went out through the window. Unlucky for Garson Grunge, the Mutagen fell on him and he also fall on trash. There he mutated into a garbage monster known as Muckman.

TV Show

Season 2

Invasion of the Squirrelanoids

Pizza Face (Episode)

Season 3

The Noxious Avenger

Annihilation Earth Part Two

Season 4

Earth's Last Stand


Season 5

The Big Blowout



Powers, Abilities, and Weaponry





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