Miyamoto Usagi

Miyamoto Usagi 01
Miyamoto Usagi wearing his ronin robe.

Miyamoto Usagi 02
Miyamoto Usagi wearing his ronin robe with a Kasa.

Miyamoto Usagi 03
Miyamoto Usagi wearing a Samurai armor.

Real Name Miyamoto Usagi
Alias Usagi • Usagi Yojimbo • Ronin • The Rabbit Ronin • Yojimbo • Ronin Rabbit • Rabbit Man
Gender Male
Species Anthropomorphic Rabbit
Occupations Ronin
Team Ninja Turtles
Allies Lord MifuneAkemiKintaroTanukiNinja Turtles
Enemies Lord HikijiJeiSumo KumaJorogumaNinja Turtles (Formerly)
Weapons Katana Swords
Home Usagi Yojimbo Dimension
Height 5' 6"
Age Unknown
Hair Color White
Eye Color Grey
First Appearance Yojimbo
Last Appearance Kagayakei! Kintaro
Voiced By Yuki Matsuzaki

Miyamoto Usagi, aka Usagi, is an ally of the Ninja Turtles. He is a samurai anthropomorphic white rabbit from the Usagi Yojimbo Dimension, who is now a ronin after his master, Lord Mifune, was assassinated during a battle against Lord Hikiji. Currently as the bodyguard of The Golden Boy, Kintaro, he travels with him in feudal Japan in order to take Kintaro to the Temple Palace, so that he can fulfill his destiny. He eventually allies himself with the Ninja Turtles, who were summoned from their dimension by Jei. He wields a pair of Katana Swords as his signature weapons of choice. He has a rivalry with Leonardo, Lord Hikiji and Jei. Miyamoto Usagi debuts in Yojimbo.


At some point, Miyamoto Usagi was one of the best bodyguards of Lord Mifune. He had once accompanied his master to a battle against Lord Hikiji, where he fought alongside him. During the battle, Usagi was left to believe that his forces might have been victorious, until a trusted general turned against Mifune. Due to Miyamoto Usagi's failure to protect his master, the general successfully assassinates him. The death of Lord Mifune lead to Usagi becoming a ronin, as he now roams all of feudal Japan without a master by his side.




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  • In merchandise, Miyamoto Usagi's name is misspelled as "Usagi Yojimbo". In reality the name name "Usagi Yojimbo" is only the title of his comic book series.
  • According to IMDb play, John Boyega was originally supposed to by the voice of Miyamoto Usagi. But then instead, the Japanese actor, Yuki Matsuzaki, was confirmed as the voice.