Mindless Serpent Serum
Mindless Serpent Serum is an invention of Baxter Fly. This serum contains serpent DNA and was created, so that Baxter Fly could pour it on his Mutagen Tank in his lab, so that when the Ninja Turtles attempted to save Karai, then Shredder would jump out and then throw them into the Mutagen and then mutate into mindless mutant snakes. Then the mutated Turtles, now snakes, would attack Splinter. Mindless Serpent Serum debuts in Vengeance is Mine.


Shredder was going to punish Baxter Fly for betraying him. So Shredder requested Baxter to make one last mutation. Later on, Baxter Fly created a serum with the DNA of a serpent. This became known as the Mindless Serpent Serum.

TV Show

Season Two

Vengeance is Mine


When this serum is in Mutagen, an organism that falls into the Mutagen with the serum in it can mutate into a mutant. But the organism will mutate into a mindless mutant snake.



  • The color of the serum is purple.
  • Because of the purple color, it might have dyed Serpent Karai's armor to make it have a purple color, instead of it being silver like it did when she was her human self.
  • While Baxter Fly was making it, an orange substance fell inside the serum, which might have possibly been Retro-Mutagen, by the fact that Serpent Karai is able to shape-shift into a snake/ human.
  • The serum was targeted for the Ninja Turtles.

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