Mind Control Serum

Mind Control Serum

Name Mind Control Serum
Type Of Weapon Serum
Owner The Foot Clan
Background Information
First Appearance Casey Jones VS. The Underworld
Last Appearance Clash of the Mutanimals

Mind Control Serum is a weapon of The Foot Clan. This chemical can be used to control a person's mind by using the Parasites, which was created by Baxter Fly so that Shredder could use it on Serpent Karai. Mind Control Serum debuts in Casey Jones VS. The Underworld.


After Bebop and Rocksteady retrieved Karai for Shredder, Shredder was going to proceed to have Karai become loyal to him once again. For some time, The Foot Clan were trying to collect chemicals to create a mind control serum from abandoned Kraang laboratories, Auman Chemicals, shipments, and from the Italian Mafia. Once all these components were put together by Baxter Fly, the mind control serum was finally completed.



Season 4



  • This serum was targeted to Serpent Karai, so that she can once again become a part of The Foot Clan with Shredder, which was first revealed by Rocksteady when Bebop questioned why they had to do the grocery list of Shredder and Baxter Fly.
  • According to Donatello (when he was trying to find out what this chemical was), the mind control serum is not Mutagen based and also since they've seen Baxter Fly's Laboratory before, Baxter Fly doesn't seem to have the equipment required for the chemical.
  • So that the mind control serum can work properly, these worm creatures known as Parasites must be used in order to get the serum directly into the host's brain.

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