Mind Control Cure

Mind Control Cure Almost Complete

Mind Control Cure Failed

Name Mind Control Cure
Type Of Weapon Serum
Owner Donatello
Background Information
First Appearance The Creeping Doom
Last Appearance The Fourfold Trap

Mind Control Cure is a weapon of the Ninja Turtles. This chemical was created by Donatello in order to reverse the effects of the Mind Control Serum to help out Serpent Karai get out of the control of Shredder, which ultimately failed. Mind Control Cure debuts in The Creeping Doom.


After what happened with Serpent Karai when she was finally mind controlled by the Shredder with one of his Parasites, Leonardo decided to help her in order to get her back with them and Splinter. So the Ninja Turtles decided to sneak into Shredder's Lair to steal one of his Parasites. But when they failed on their mission, Leonardo snuck out from the lair with his Mystic disguise to the Shredder's Lair. Without noticing, Michelangelo went with him on this impossible mission. When they went to Baxter Fly's Lab, they were able to steal at least one Parasite, before Bebop and Rocksteady spotted them inside the laboratory. After a fight with Mega Shredder, Leonardo gave the Parasite to Donatello in order to work on a cure for the Mind Control Serum. This serum was known as the Mind Control Cure.

TV Show

Season 3

Attack Of The Mega Shredder!

The Creeping Doom

The Fourfold Trap




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