Mikey's Plutonium is a substance that was created by Michelangelo accidentally. Mikey's Plutonium debuts in Battle for New York Part One.


Michelangelo and Ice Cream Kitty were playing around in Donnie's Lab in Antonio's Pizza-Rama. Mikey was mixing things up with other chemicals and then he decided to add this chemical to the Retro-Mutagen. Donatello found out, and then he tried to stop Mikey, but one drop fell inside the batch and then the Retro-Mutagen was about to explode, but it turn mild. Donnie discovered that this substance made it able for Mutagen to turn into Retro-Mutagen.

TV Show

Season Three

Battle for New York Part One




  • Michelangelo does not remember what he added in the chemical.
  • With only one drop of this with the Retro-Mutagen, it can turn a lot of Mutagen into Retro-Mutagen.

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