Michelangelo Profile

Real Name Michelangelo
Alias Mikey • Mike • Michael • Dr. Prankenstein • Dr. Flippenstein • Turflytle • Mike-anator • Dr. Einstein-enstein • Savage Mikey • Electro Mikey
Gender Male
Species Mutant Red-Eared Slider Turtle
Occupations Jokester of Ninja Turtles
Team Ninja Turtles
The Hamato Clan
Allies Ninja TurtlesSplinterApril O'NeilCasey JonesKaraiShinigamiFugitoidKirby O'NeilThe Foot Clan (Karai)Mighty MutanimalsUtrom High CouncilSalamandrian Air FleetPunk FrogsBigfootIce Cream KittyChompy PicassoChris Bradford (Formerly) • Dr. Cluckingsworth M.D.BishopVrax BelebomeAeonsDaagonsTokkaAlopexSal CommanderMona LisaMr. Murakami SanMiyamoto UsagiTang Shen1987 TurtlesBernieRenet TilleyLord SimultaneousMetalheadWingnutScrewlooseSir MalachiTimothy (Formerly) • ZenoJack J. KurtzmanEarth Protection Force
Enemies The Foot ClanPurple DragonsKraang Hive MindTriceraton EmpireInsectoidsDream Beavers1987 Foot ClanThe Rat KingArmaggonAstro ZombiesChimeraRahzarSnakeweedThe CreepSon of SnakeweedSpider BytezJustinCreepweedDemon BatsLord Vringath DreggItalian MafiaHo ChanHattori TatsuIce DragonsKavaxasMega ShredderMom-ThingThe NewtralizerMutagen ManFungus HumungousMushroom MenPizza FaceParasiticasOvermindSavanti RomeroSkeevix VirusSpasmosaurSheldonSpy-RoachSpeed DemonSquirrelanoidsWyrmZa-Naron
Weapons Nun-ChucksKusarigamaLaser TonfasLaser BlasterKama (see below)
Home New York City
Height 4' 10"
Age 15-16
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Baby Blue
First Appearance Rise of the Turtles Part One
Voiced By Greg Cipes
Michelangelo, he's one of a kind, and you know just where to find him when it's party time

—Theme Song

Michelangelo, aka Mikey, is a member of the Ninja Turtles. He is a mutant Red-Eared Slider turtle who is the jokester of the Ninja Turtles and the youngest of his brothers. As the jokester of the Ninja Turtles, he is the most wild one and innocent one out of his brothers, who always provides the team with his jokes, pranks, pop culture-based knowledge, and games during combat. Due to him being the immature of the team, he does not take his training with Splinter seriously and his Ninjutsu skills are sometimes affected by this quality. Wearing an orange bandanna that represents his enthusiasm and happiness, he wields a pair of twin Nun-Chucks/ Kusarigama as his signature weapons of choice. He has a crush on both Renet Tilley and Shinigami. He has a rivalry with Chris Bradford/ Dogpound/ Rahzar. Michelangelo debuts in Rise of the Turtles Part One.


Fifteen years ago, Hamato Yoshi had suffered from the loss of both his wife, Tang Shen, and his daughter, Hamato Miwa, by the hands of Oroku Saki after a fire that took place in the Hamato Dojo in Tokyo, Japan one night. Since Yoshi had lost everything on that night, he fled to New York City to start a new life, which was the place that Tang Shen wanted to move to with Yoshi and Miwa. One day in New York, Hamato Yoshi went to a pet shop and bought four baby turtles. As he was leaving from the pet shop to head back home, he bumps past a strange man in the streets. Yoshi had bad vibes about this man and decided to follow him, leading him into an alley.
Hamato Yoshi Fights Normans
That was where he saw the man meeting up with a group of men that were identical in appearance to him. As they gathered around, one of the men was seen holding what seemed to be a canister with a weird, green substance. But then the meeting was interrupted when Yoshi accidentally steps on a rat that was passing by him, causing him to blow his cover. The group of men spotted him and so a fight occurs when Hamato Yoshi tries to defend himself from the men. During the fight, the canister falls on both Yoshi and the four baby turtles, causing the substance to spill and mutates all five of them.
Baby Turtles Mutation
With the ooze coming in contact with them, Hamato Yoshi mutates into a humanoid brown rat, which was the last animal he came in contact with before his mutation. In the other hand, the four red-eared slider turtles mutate into humanoid versions of themselves. Due to their new mutant forms, they fled from the surface and moved into the Sewers so that they could live there. The five mutants move in an abandoned subway station, which they now call home. Hamato Yoshi, now adopting the nickname of "Splinter" becomes the adoptive father of the mutant turtles and names them all after his four Renaissance Italian artists. One of the turtles was named Michelangelo, named after the Renaissance Italian artist, Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simon. At some point while Splinter started to raise the turtles, he introduces them into the ways of Ninjutsu in order for them to become the new ninjas of his family's clan, The Hamato Clan. During their training, Michelangelo was given an orange bandanna and a pair of twin Nun-Chucks/ Kusarigama as his signature weapons of choice.




Powers, Abilities, and Weaponry




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TMNT 2012 Michelangelo-8-
The Gallery of Michelangelo can be see Here.


  • Sometimes he uses Raphael fear of cockroaches to prank him.
  • It is shown in the episode "I His Name is Baxter Stockman", that he hates polka music.
  • He is right-handed.
  • He is the youngest of the four turtles.
  • It is revealed in the episode "Parasitica", that his favorite type of pizza is pizza with jellybeans, anchovies, and hallopenyose.
  • Mikey has been shown to think time periods such as the dinosaur era took place in the 19th century, as shown in the episode "Mazes in Mutants" he states that he believes that medieval times took place in the 1980's, and in the episode "Annihilation: Earth part 2", he states that he believes the dinosaurs were alive in the 1960's.
  • It is revealed in the episode "The Creeping Doom", that he has a photographic memory.

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