Maze Of Doom
Maze Of Doom is an invention of Baxter Stockman. This is a trap that Stockman used to attempt to destroy the Ninja Turtles, Dogpound, and Fishface. Maze Of Doom debuts in Baxter's Gambit.


In Shredder's Hideout, Shredder was disappointed because of the fact that Baxter Stockman, Dogpound, and Fishface had failed on their mission. Stockman being blamed for this, pointed out a most recent invention he had been working on to use against the Ninja Turtles. The only thing was that he needed Dogpound and Fishface for this. Shredder agreed with Stockman's idea. This invention of Baxter Stockman was known as the Maze Of Doom.

TV Show

Season 1

Baxter's Gambit

Season 2

Mikey Gets Shellacne

Inside Baxter Stockman's Lab, Dogpound angrily told Baxter Stockman that he will have revenge on him for trapping him inside the Maze of Doom.




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