Living Atoms

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Living Atoms are enemies of the Ninja Turtles. They are a group of sentient aliens that roam all over Dimension X. These giant aliens take the form of atoms and can produce electricity from their bodies. Living Atoms debuts in Into Dimension X!.


The Living Atoms first appeared in Into Dimension X! where they attacked the Ninja Turtles (except for Michelangelo). They also made a brief appearance in The War for Dimension X where they flew over the Ninja Turtles and the Fugitoid.

TV Show

Season 2

Into Dimension X!

Season 4

The War for Dimension X




Powers, Abilities, and Weaponry

  • Electrokinesis: The Living Atoms are able to launch powerful bolts of electricity.
  • Segment Detachment: The Living Atoms are able to separate their segments and reassemble them together.



Living Atoms
The Gallery of Living Atoms can be see Here.


  • It is unknown if the ones that produce pink electricity are females and if the other ones that produce blue electricity are males.
  • They are giant atoms when close to you.
  • Raphael thought that they were small, but it was the distance from where he was looking at them from.
  • It is unknown if their food are the Dimension X Crystals.

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