Laser Pistols

Tiger Claw Laser Blaster

Name Laser Pistols
Other Names Laser Rays • Pistols
Type Of Weapon Technologically advanced pistols
Origins Unknown
Abilities Pistols that shoot red laser bullet ammunition
Wielder(s) Tiger Claw
First Appearance Wormquake! Part One
Last Appearance End Times

Laser Pistols are weapons that are wielded by Tiger Claw. These are technologically advanced pistols with some type of red laser bullet ammunition, which are one of the signature weapons of Tiger Claw. Laser Pistols debuts in Wormquake! Part One.


Not that much is known about the backstory of these laser pistols, but it is assumed that Tiger Claw might had retrieved them from a battle he had once with an unknown warrior. It is assumed that the previous owner technologically enhanced these pistols with red laser bullet ammunition.





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