Laboratory (Mansion) is a location of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 TV Series). This is a laboratory located inside of Shredder's Mansion which was where Shredder was being taken care of by Baxter Fly, as well as the place where Baxter developed the Super Mutagen. Laboratory (Mansion) debuts in City at War.



After failing to stop Karai and Shinigami from sabotaging their weapon cache at Allied Martial Arts Supplies, Tiger Claw goes to Shredder to report his failure. After Shredder wakes up to announce the war between Karai and The Foot Clan, Shredder has the Super Mutagen injected into his body through a Mutagen Drip by Baxter Fly.

When Shredder is seen growing impatient about the mutation and Baxter Fly reminds him about the Super Mutagen being unstable, Shredder assigns him to save The Foot Clan. After failing and being afraid to report it to Shredder, his master doesn't seem to care and instead points out the Super Mutagen is finally functioning.

One stormy night, The Shredder has had it and forces Stockman to give him all of the Super Mutagen at once. Causing Shredder to undergo a very violent and painful mutation, Baxter Fly and Rocksteady watch as their master transform into the Super Shredder. After Tiger Claw enters to see his mutated master in the laboratory, he commands Stockman-Fly to get Rahzar to storm into his old hideout to visit Karai.

After failing to fight off his enemies and having some side effects affecting him in his fight, Super Shredder retreats to his mansion in order to force Stockman in the laboratory to give him more of the dose of Super Mutagen.

When the Ninja Turtles, April O'Neil, and Casey Jones storm Shredder's Mansion for the final showdown, they confront Baxter Fly in the laboratory when they searched for Super Shredder. After Michelangelo transforms Stockman back into a human with the Retro-Mutagen inside one of Donnie's light bulbs, he knocks an unhappy Baxter unconscious and exit the lab.

After the final showdown with Super Shredder, the laboratory was burnt down alongside with the mansion in a fire caused by Shredder.


Season 4



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