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Kuro Kabuto is a head wear worn by The Shredder/ Super Shredder/ Undead Shredder. This helmet is an ancient relic and symbol of The Foot Clan that is mostly worn by the leader of The Foot. Kuro Kabuto debuts in Rise of the Turtles Part Two.


About 1,500 years ago, the founder of The Foot Clan, Koga Takuza was one of the most deadliest warriors. In combat, he would use the weapons of his defeated enemies. Afterwards, he forged it and created a helmet that was stronger than steel. And when The Foot Clan had a new leader, this helmet would be passed down by generation. This helmet was known as the Kuro Kabuto.





  • Oroku Saki (The Shredder) vowed to protect the helmet with his life when he became the new leader of The Foot Clan.
  • The Kabuto is a samurai/ damio-style helmet.
  • The Kuro Kabuto represents the main emotions of The Shredder: vengeance and blood thirst.
  • The three prongs that are on the top of the helmet look very similar to the three prongs of a trident.
  • The Kuro Kabuto represents the two main elements of The Shredder: death and fear.
  • The Kabuto also represents The Shredder's inner-animal: the dragon.
  • "Kuro Kabuto" is Japanese for "Black Helmet".

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