Kunoichi Jumpsuit (April O'Neil)

April O'Neil Kunoichi Jumpsuit Profile

Name Kunoichi Jumpsuit (April O'Neil)
Type Kunoichi Uniform
Origins New York City
Created By April O'Neil
Owner April O'Neil
User(s) April O'Neil
Weapon(s) TessenDragon TantoAeon Crystal (Formerly) • Grappling HookNinja Smoke BombsSpectro Blasters (Temporarily) • Shuriken
First Appearance City at War

Kunoichi Jumpsuit (April O'Neil) is a Kunoichi uniform worn by April O'Neil. As a black jumpsuit with yellow stripes on the sides, April wears this outfit once she was promoted by Splinter to become a "Kunoichi of The Hamato Clan". Kunoichi Jumpsuit (April O'Neil) debuts in City at War.




  • Black & Yellow Jumpsuit:
  • Headband:
  • T-Shirt:
  • Utility Belt:
  • Boots:
  • Leg Guard:

Weapon Arsenal


Season 4

Season 5



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