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Real Name Knight
Alias Kraang SubPrime
Gender Male
Species Utrom
Occupations Second-in-command of The Kraang
Team Kraang Hive Mind
Allies Kraang PrimeKraang Hive MindBishop (Brother) • Krang (Cousin) • The Foot ClanFugitoid
Enemies Ninja TurtlesApril O'NeilSplinterMighty MutanimalsCasey JonesTriceraton EmpireUtrom High Council1987 Turtles
Weapons Irma Langinstein
Home Dimension X
Eye Color Green
First Appearance The Invasion Part One
Voiced By Gilbert Gottfried

Kraang SubPrime, aka Knight, is an enemy of the Ninja Turtles. Formerly an honorable hero of the Utroms and member of the Utrom High Council, he is now a corrupted Utrom who is loyal to Kraang Prime. He is the second-in-command of the Kraang Hive Mind and is also a spy who pretended to be a human girl named Irma Langinstein, who pretended to be a friend of April O'Neil, in order to find out the location of the Turtle's Lair. Kraang SubPrime debuts in The Invasion Part One.


At some unknown point in his life, he was an Utrom who was known as Knight. He was a member of the Utrom High Council alongside with Bishop, Pawn, Queen, and Rook. Knight was the Sub-SubPrime of the Utroms, while his brother, Bishop, was the SubPrime. But when an Utrom scientist mutated himself with the Mutagen and became Kraang Prime, he became part of the Kraang Hive Mind. Then he became the second-in-command of The Kraang and renamed himself Kraang SubPrime.

TV Show

The Invasion Part One

After the pair were attacked by Foot Bots, April brought Irma to the Turtle's Lair for safety; however, upon realizing where they were, Kraang SubPrime revealed his true identity as the greatest of Kraang spies. Portals then opened in the lair to admit an attack force of Kraangdroids to join SubPrime in his attack on the Turtles and their allies, with locating their lair having been the last step to launching a second full-scale invasion of New York City. The Turtles, April, and Casey managed to escape the Kraangdroids, while SubPrime fought Splinter and was relieved of his battle suit and crushed beneath a fallen pillar.

Season 3

Battle for New York Part One

Despite his previous defeat, Kraang SubPrime returned and was seen overseeing preparations to launch a Mutagen Missile, and expressed frustration both with the Kraang's inability to conquer Earth and the inability of most of his compatriots to speak proper English. He soon was faced with other concerns as the returning Turtles and the Mighty Mutanimals attacked the launch site.

Battle for New York Part Two

SubPrime followed the Turtle Blimp into Dimension X to prevent the Turtles from interfering with the invasion, and later commanded the deployment of a Dracodroid. He then followed the Turtles aboard a Technodrome that they commandeered and used to revert all the captured Human Kraang Hybrids back into human form, before transporting them back to New York with the aid of the Mutanimals. SubPrime was left trapped aboard the powerless Technodrome as it plummeted through Dimension X following the Turtles' escape, and caught in the resulting explosion.

Annihilation: Earth! Part One

Surviving yet another apparent demise, SubPrime appeared aboard the Technodrome first used to invade Earth along with Kraang Prime, repairing the craft in order to make another invasion attempt. Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Leatherhead were then brought before them, having been captured while attempting to take the ship down from the inside. However, the Kraang's feelings of victory were short-lived, as shortly after the Technodrome became airborne the Triceratons arrived in orbit. A team then arrived to rescue the captured mutants, and SubPrime was stunned to recognize Bishop, who called him brother and "Sub-SubPrime" much to his rage. After the Turtles and their allies escaped, Kraang SubPrime and Prime watched in horror as the Triceratons prepared to open fire, and were then caught up in the destruction of the Technodrome.

Season 4

The War for Dimension X

In an alternate timeline created by the Turtles traveling back in time, Kraang SubPrime was approached by the Salamandrians G'thraka and Y’Gythgba, who sought to form an alliance against the Triceratons; Kraang SubPrime refused to even entertain the notion, as the Kraang had long resolved upon a strategy of fleeing from their savage enemies. After hearing that the pair had previously befriended the Turtles, SubPrime had them imprisoned in his SubCommand Center, to which he later brought the Utrom Queen after discovering the hidden location of the Utrom High Council. However, she was soon freed when the Utrom attacked his location and the Turtles freed the Salamandrians, who joined in their efforts. SubPrime unleashed a Dracodroid and then engaged Bishop in battle, and claimed that the name "Knight" meant nothing to him when Bishop addressed him by it; he also claimed that "everyone hates complete servitude to Kraang Prime until they try it!" Bishop managed to damage his exo-suit with an exploding crystal, but SubPrime was only defeated when the damaged Dracodroid crashed into him.

Trans-Dimensional Turtles

SubPrime later returned, having formed an alliance with his "cousin" Krang, whom he had previously banished to 2-Dimensional Earth for incompetence; the pair joined forces in order to eliminate the Turtles of both the worlds they had been invading and those of Mirage Earth. SubPrime later brought the Turtles and 1987 Turtles to the 1987 Technodrome by redirecting their Portal Projector, and briefly held them prisoner until they escaped and made their way to 2-D Earth, which SubPrime and Krang followed them too. Held at bay by six of the Turtles, they were unable to stop Donatello and 1987 Donatello from disabling the remaining Dimensionizers, but SubPrime succeeded in sending the Turtles back to the Technodrome when they attempted to escape. However, they then destroyed his Portal Projector Remote, and made him aware that Krang had been trying to destroy the three realities, which the Kraang had been attempting to conquer for centuries. Attacking his idiotic cousin, SubPrime banished him back to 2-Dimensional Earth, only to be banished himself to Mirage Earth by the Turtles.

Earth's Last Stand

In flashback of Professor Zayton Honeycutt's, he revealed that Kraang SubPrime had purchased the Black Hole Generator from him so that the Kraang could employ it against the Triceratons.



Powers, Abilities, and Weaponry

  • Spy Kraangdroid
  • Wrist Laser Cannons
  • Laser Hand Saws
  • Irma Spider Head
  • Needle Fingers
  • Kraang Flyer
  • Mechanical Claw
  • Dracodroid
  • Portal Projector Remote


  • Lack of Spy Kraangdroid
  • Damaged Spy Kraangdroid
  • Explosions
  • Triceraton Destroyers Devasatator



Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5


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