Name Knuckledusters
Type Of Weapon Knuckledusters
Owner Ivan Steranko/ Rocksteady
Background Information
First Appearance Enemy of my Enemy
Last Appearance TBA

Knuckledusters are weapons of Ivan Steranko/ Rocksteady. These are two golden Knuckledusters used by Steranko/ Rocksteady in each of his hands, which both of them has an image of a sickle and a hammer. Knuckledusters debuts in Enemy of my Enemy.




Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5



  • Both of the Knuckledusters has a different image printed on each one of them.
  • The symbols that are on the Knuckledusters represent the Soviet Union flag.
  • As Rocksteady, the Knuckledusters got bigger in size and has also fused permanently on to his skin.

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