Name Kama
Other Names Bunrai • Gama
Type Of Weapon Kama
Origins Japan
Abilities Tools utilized for farming & combat
Wielder(s) April O'NeilSplinterRaphaelFoot BotsMichelangeloAlopex
First Appearance Baxter's Gambit
Last Appearance Tale of Tiger Claw

Kama is are common ninja weapons that are wielded by The Hamato Clan, The Foot Clan, and Alopex. The Kama are ninja tools (which would also be used for farming) that take the form of a sickle-like weapon, which are similar to the Scythe. Kama debuts in Baxter's Gambit.



During the events of the episode, Baxter's Gambit, April O'Neil is seen in the Dojo with Master Splinter in one of her training sessions. After training, she discusses with him about wanting to get her signature weapon already. While exploring a few of the weapons that Splinter owned, April tests out a pair of twin Kama. But while she wields these weapons, she accidentally lets go of one and is about to get hit by it, until Splinter stops it. Afterwards, he recommends April to choose another weapon.

As the Ninja Turtles prepare themselves to go to T.C.R.I., in order to stop The Kraang from bringing the Technodrome to Earth, Raphael takes an arsenal of ninja weapons with him. Among them were a pair of Kama, which he held in holsters around his thighs.

While Karai was training the new Foot Bots in the Bradford Dojo, she fights against a Foot Bot that was wielding a pair of Kama.

Inside of the Midtown Ice Rink, while April O'Neil and Casey Jones were battling off a squadron of Foot Bots (which were sent to target April), Casey is seen fighting off one of the robots that was wielding these weapons. When Casey destroys the robotic ninja, one of the Kama falls in front of April, almost hurting her. Afterwards, April is seen using a Kama to fight off a Foot Bot.

When the Turtles were in the woods and they started to prepare themselves for their "Vision Quest", each one of the Turtles forge their own weapons and costumes for the quest. Michelangelo forges himself, his own pair of Kama as his signature weapons of choice during this event.

During the events of Tale of Tiger Claw, a mutant red fox named Alopex comes to New York City to seek vengeance on her brother, Tiger Claw. She steals the Cursed Twin Blades of Vengeance and attempts to use them against him, until they were destroyed (in order to stop the curse that Casey Jones inherited through the blades). Afterwards when she was fighting off her brother, she pulls out a pair of twin Kama (her signature weapons of choice) to kill her brother. But after she shows mercy and is about to leave, Takeshi pulls out his Ice Pistol to attempt a move on her, which he miserably fails to do. This leads to his sister cutting off Takeshi's right hand with her weapons.


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