Joan Grody is a female human who hosts a TV Show known as Grody to the Max. Joan Grody debuts in It Came From the Depths.


TV Show

Season 1

It Came From the Depths

Season 2

Of Rats and Men

Season 3

The Noxious Avenger

Attack Of The Mega Shredder!




  • It is unknown what happened to her in the Kraang Invasion, but it is possible that she got controlled by The Kraang, just like they did to Carlos Chiang O'Brien Gambe.
  • The phrase "Grody to the Max" is an '80s slang term meaning "totally disgusting".
  • Joan Grody seems to enjoy using alliterations in her show.
    • One example is, 'Are malicious mutants menacing Manhattan?'
  • Her design seems to be based on Greta Van Susteren of Fox News.

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