Hypno Stone

Hypno Stone

Name Hypno Stone
Type Of Weapon Gem
Origins Tokyo, Japan
Abilities Gem used for hypnotism & weight for Kusarigama
Wielder(s) Shinigami
First Appearance City at War

Hypno Stone is a ninja weapon wielded by Shinigami. This is a sphere-shaped weight with a cat-eyed gem inside of it, which is used to hypnotize Shinigami's opponents during combat. Hypno Stone debuts in City at War.


Not much of the origins of this gem is known, but it is known that it originated from Shinigami's family. The Hypno Stone was an ancient relic of Shini's family that had been passed down through generations, with the ability to hypnotize anyone. Once Shinigami trained to become a Kunoichi and mystical witch through the ways of Ninjutsu, she was gifted the gem. Shini utilized the gem for her own Kusarigama as a weight.



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