Human Kraang Hybrids

Human Kraang Hybrids are enemies of the Ninja Turtles. They are Kraang mutant hybrids who were humans from New York. Kraang Prime mutated them with the perfected Mutagen. Human Kraang Hybrids debuts in The Invasion.


In New York, a gigantic Kraang Portal opened and then Kraang Prime came out of the portal with a Mutagen Blaster, which was full of the perfected Mutagen. As he roamed around the streets, he squirted the Mutagen on the humans and anything in his way. But the humans mutated into Kraang-like mutants known as Human Kraang Hybrids.

TV Show

Season 2

Into Dimension X!

Inside The Kraang base in Dimension X, the Ninja Turtles found out that the Mutagen was perfected. On a monitor with silhouettes, there was one of a human with a Kraang Human Hybrid next to it.

The Invasion Part One

The Invasion Part Two

Season 3

Return to New York

Serpent Hunt

Battle for New York Part One

Battle for New York Part Two




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