Heart of Darkness

Heart Of Darkness Complete Profile

Name Heart of Darkness
Other Names Black Hole Generator
Type Of Weapon Black hole-generating device
Origins D'Hoonib
Abilities Generate black holes
Wielder(s) Kraang Hive MindTriceraton EmpireFugitoid
First Appearance Annihilation: Earth! Part One
Last Appearance Earth's Last Stand

Heart of Darkness, aka Black Hole Generator, is a weapon wielded by the Kraang Hive Mind, Triceraton Empire, and Fugitoid. As a very dangerous, powerful, and almost indestructible weapon invented by Professor Zayton Honeycutt, this device was designed to create a black hole that can swallow anything, even a whole planet. Heart of Darkness debuts in Annihilation: Earth! Part One.


For nexons in Dimension X, the two alien species, The Kraang and Triceratons, were at war as they tried to have dominance over the land. At some point when the Triceraton Empire seemed to be having the upper hand in the war, Kraang SubPrime and a few Kraang visited D'Hoonib in search for Professor Zayton Honeycutt. Honeycutt, who was trying to invent a machine that he wanted to use as an energy source of some sort, was visited by the Kraang Hive Mind for a deal. They were willing to purchase the Professor's device, which he agreed to build for them. The Professor made this device into a black hole generator, becoming known as the Heart of Darkness. Due to his greediness, the Professor built the device and handed it to The Kraang. When sold to them, it was used on the Triceraton Homeworld to destroy the whole planet.



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