Heart of Darkness

Heart Of Darkness Complete Profile

Name Heart of Darkness
Type Of Weapon Black Hole Generator
Owner Triceraton Empire
Background Information
First Appearance Annihilation: Earth! Part One
Last Appearance Earth's Last Stand

Heart of Darkness, aka Black Hole Generator, is a weapon of The Kraang and the Triceratons. As a very dangerous, powerful, and almost indestructable weapon, this device has the ability to create a black hole that can swallow anything, even a planet. Heart of Darkness debuts in Annihilation: Earth! Part One.


Years ago in Dimension X, the two alien species, The Kraang and Triceratons, were at war. At some point when the Triceratons seemed to be winning, Kraang SubPrime and a few Kraang when D'Hoonib. There, Professor Zayton Honeycutt was making a machine that he wanted to use as an energy source of some type. But when The Kraang decided to buy the machine, Honeycutt made it for them since he was greedy and only wanted money. When sold to them, it was used on the Triceraton Homeworld which was destroyed. It became known as the Heart of Darkness.

TV Show

Season 3

Annihilation: Earth! Part One

Annihilation: Earth! Part Two

Season 4

Beyond The Known Universe

The Moons of Thalos 3

The Weird World Of Wyrm

Riddle Of The Ancient Aeons

Journey to the Center of Mikey's Mind

The Arena of Carnage

The War for Dimension X

The Cosmic Ocean

Trans-Dimensional Turtles

Revenge of the Triceratons

The Evil of Dregg

The Ever-Burning Fire

Earth's Last Stand

City at War

Tokka VS. The World




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