Hamato Yuta
Hamato Yūta is a recurring character of the Ninja Turtles. He is the father of Hamato Yoshi and grandfather of Karai. As well as the leader of The Hamato Clan before Hamato Yoshi. Hamato Yūta debuts in Tale Of The Yokai.


TV Show

Season 2

Vengeance is Mine

Season 3

Tale Of The Yokai



Hamato ninja and saki
The Gallery of Hamato Yuuta can be see Here.


  • He killed Oroku Kaiji years ago, who was the leader of The Foot Clan back then.
  • After The Foot Clan was destroyed, he took baby Oroku Saki as a son of his own.
  • Hamato Yūta's name is also spelled as Hamato Yuuta in the credits.
  • He died of an unknown illness at an old age.

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