Hamato Ninja are enemies of the Ninja Turtles. Hamato Ninja are humans that serve The Hamato Clan with red ninja uniforms. Hamato Ninja debuted in Vengeance is Mine.
Hamato Clan


Years ago in Japan, a warrior named Hamato Yuuta founded The Hamato Clan. When the clan was in motion, Yuuta made an army of his own ninjas. These ninjas were later known as the Foot Soldiers and wiped out The Foot Clan. Years later, when Oroku Saki found out that he was not part of The Hamato Clan and wasn't the son of Hamato Yuuta, but in fact, Oroku Kaiji. Finding out that he was part of the Foot, he reopened it and took over the throne. There, he took the Hamato Ninja and turned them into the new Foot Soldiers.

T​V Show

Season 2

Season 3



  • They betrayed the Hamato Clan and joined the Foot Clan.
  • They mistaken the turtles as Yokai.
  • They nearly defeated the Turtles.

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